Integrated Digital Solutions
for Corporate, Higher Ed, and K-12 Education

What We Do

Transforming organizations through technology-driven solutions to empower individuals.

Icon Digital provides individualized strategies to corporate and education sectors in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia.  We support our corporate clients with tailored digital platforms for corporate workforce management and training.  We assist our education partners with integrated education systems to provide engaging learning experiences and supportive teaching solutions.

About Us

Icon Digital, Ltd. was founded in 2023 in Ayutthaya, Thailand, to provide individualized training and learning strategies to the corporate and education sectors in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. 

We offer our education partners a comprehensive LMS with supplemental printed textbooks and educational resources as well as a universal content library of 1000+ 2D and 3D videos. 

Icon also provides our corporate partners with a tailored digital platform for corporate workforce management and connectivity and a human resources management platform.

Why Choose Icon Digital?

Icon had a dedicated team committed to helping organizations achieve their goals. The Icon Digital team will use its 20+ years of professional experience, and its strategic partnerships, to support our clients.


  •  School Management System
  • Learning Management System
  • Digital Learning Solutions
  • School Program Support Contracts
  • Teacher Recruitment and Training


  • Human Resource Management Platform
  • Corporate Training and Development Platform
  • Digital Resources for Meeting and Training Facilities

Icon provides companies with powerful platforms that provide the accessibility and flexibility to achieve your organizational goals.

Our systems help to:

  •  Manage employees’ complete life cycle.
  • Help organization onboard, up-skill, engage with, and train their employees on a daily basis.
  • Upgrade conference and training facilities with next generation devices.

Icon supports our school clients to help deliver an engaging education experience for all stakeholders.

Our systems help to:

  • Provide schools with complete school management system for parents, students, and administration.
  • Integrate user-friendly eLearning system and digital teaching tools into school curriculum.
  • Upgrade school facilities with cost-effective, next generation multi-media.
  • Help to find, screen, recruit, and train foreign teachers.

Contact us

Email:  Via Line
Address: 64/3 Moo1 Saothong, Bangpahan, Ayutthaya Thailand 13220